Seasonal Packages

Whether you need your vehicle to start on cold winter mornings or have worry-free travels on your summer getaways, Avalon Auto Service has a package put together for all seasons.


We offer a winter maintenance package recommended in the fall to be sure that your vehicle will function at its best through the colder months ahead.


Our spring maintenance package will get your vehicle freshened up and ready to go after the winter has taken its toll.

Seasonal packages can be requested at any time of the year. Not only are they season-specific, but they are very thorough and can be a good maintenance package any time of the year, such as before a long trip or just to get your vehicle up to date on its maintenance.

The package of your choice will include underhood services such as:

    • an oil change,
    • inspecting the condition of all fluid levels,
    • assessing air filter, spark plugs, belts and hoses.

Undercar services will include:

    • tire rotation if needed,
    • an inspection of brake materials,
    • steering and suspension systems.

Included will also be an assessment of any items applicable to the upcoming season, such as battery and block heater condition for winter.

Seasons change.